Vitamin B12 for Anemia

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Vitamin b12 for anemia is a sound treatment option. Anemia is a disorder of the blood that affects almost thirty percent of all women – although it is not exclusively relevant to women it just seems to affect them more.


Anemia is a deficiency in the blood it is a reduction in the red blood count. It is typically associated with an iron deficiency and the course of treatment usually involves prescribing iron supplements, but there is anemia that is completely caused by a vitamin b12 deficiency. Anemia can result in fatigue, dizziness and lowered immunity. Treatment applications usually can sure anemia over the course of a period of time.

Why Vitamin B12?

Anemia is thought to be caused by iron deficiency in the blood, but vitamin b12 is an intrinsic ingredient in the production of red blood cells. Vitamin b12 for anemia taken in conjunction with iron supplements can speed the recovery time. Vitamin b12 can also result in anemia that is not associated with iron poor blood. Vitamin b12 anemia is that there are simply not enough red blood cells in the blood to carry oxygen to vital organs. Vitamin b12 is an important nutrient and usually is sufficiently supplied to the body through the diet. Vegetarians may not receive enough vitamin b12 through the diet because vitamin b12 is not found in substantial amounts in non animal foods. There are other reasons that there may not be enough vitamin b12 in the body to help produce red blood cells. There may be a medical reason in the form of disease. Crohn’s disease prevents vitamin b12 from being absorbed along with bacterial growth in the small intestines and pernicious anemia. There are medications that may prevent the absorption of vitamin b12, typically these medications are associated with heartburn and stomach ulcer medications. Treating the type of anemia that is associated with vitamin b12 deficiency is simply upping the vitamin b12 intake.

Treatment Options

Vitamin b12 for anemia can be delivered in several different ways. There are inject able vitamin b12 supplements that usually require a doctor office visit, there are over the counter vitamin b12 supplements that come in a variety of delivery methods. The over the counter vitamin b12 for anemia options can include, pills, lozenges, drops. There are also prescription strength vitamin b12 supplements and shots for anemia options. The prescription strength options will also require a visit to the doctor’s office.


Preventing anemia that is related to vitamin b12 deficiency is a very simple task that can be accomplished by simply adjusting the diet to include foods that are rich in vitamin b12. Supplements can also be taken to head off any potential problems.

Vitamin b12 for anemia can solve the issue, and can result in feeling better and better overall health.