Top 10 Foods High in Vitamin B12

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Here is a list of foods that are naturally high in vitamin B12:

Measurement Reference for Vitamin B12, µg (1000 µg = 1mg)

1.   Clams have the most vitamin B12, with 98.9 μg found in each serving of 100g. This is equivalent to 1648% of the U.S. RDA (recommended daily allowances). Mussels and oysters are also rich in vitamin B12.

2. Animal liver is full of vitamin B12. For example, liver of lamb contains 85.6 μg of vitamin B12 in each 100g serving, which translates into 1428% of the RDA.

3.   Caviar and fish eggs are loaded with this vitamin. Whitefish eggs have 56.4 μg in each 100g serving, which is over 940%of the U.S. RDA.

4. Octopus is packed with vitamin B12, containing 36 μg of vitamin B12. This is equivalent to 600% of the RDA.

5. Fish provides a decent amount of vitamin B12 Salmon has 18 μg per serving, which is 302% of the U.S. RDA.

6. Lobster is a good source of vitamin B12. Lobster provides 4.04 μg, which is 67% of the U.S. RDA.

7. Beef has much to offer in the way of vitamin B12, depending on the cut. Chuck has 6.18 μg in each 100g serving, which is 103% of the U.S. RDA.  This is in contrast to rib-eye, which is only 60% of the RDA.

9. Cheese is a decent alternative for those who choose to avoid the consumption of animals and seafood. Swiss cheese contains 3.34 μg in each 100g serving, which is 56% of the U.S. RDA. One serving of mozzarella cheese (used in pizza) has enough vitamin B12 to satisfy 39% of the RDA.

10. Chicken egg yolk has 1.95 μg in each 100g serving, which is 33% of the U.S. RDA for vitamin B12. This means that there is only.33 μg, in every yolk, which is only 6% of the U.S. RDA. The egg white contains a negligible amount of vitamin B12.