New Recipes for Richer B12 Diet

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It has been long established that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, so much so that in some countries the following saying has been ingrained in the culture for hundreds of years – “Eat your breakfast yourself, share your lunch with your friend and give your dinner to your enemy”. There are a variety of reasons that the morning meal has attained this reputation, but the following are the most important:
1)      People tend to consume healthier dietary choices during breakfast than any other meal, as common breakfast foods tend to be richer in fiber, vitamins and minerals
2)      Correlation studies show that people who eat breakfast have lower heart pressure, bad cholesterol levels and weight while having higher mental and physical energy, strength and endurance.
Breakfast can be used to provide a powerful morning boost of vitamin b12 (and other supportive vitamins and minerals) in a delicious, fun way while allowing the body to remain healthy and happy. The secret to a great nutritious breakfast is to stick to fresh raw ingredients which you’ve prepared yourself vs throwing a tray of goop-like items into the microwave. This is clearly true for any meal, as research shows a powerful and fairly obvious correlation between eating fresh home-cooked meals and the state of one’s health.
However B12 can be an illusive vitamin to absorb, as has been discussed here previously. Problems with absorbing B12 may stem from the lack of the intrinsic factor or the lack of B12 sources in a typical vegetarian/vegan diet. Although even if there is no obvious issue with B12 absorption, increasing the ability of your GI to soak up nutrients will impressively increase your overall feeling of health. Absorption can be aided through more “medical” approaches, such as taking supplementary aides, such as the black pepper extract or digestive enzymes, or through consistent dietary upkeep.
Absorption can be increased by daily consuming some yogurt with live cultures, as this provides a rich and healthy source of digestive enzymes and probiotics. Many detox programs suggest downing a glass of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice on an empty stomach. Adding a “shot” of fibre, such as a psyllium husks mix will further help to cleanse the gut allowing it to fully reap the benefits of a healthier, nutrient-based breakfast. Following are a set of recipes delicious morning recipes, made healthier and more fortified. These particular recipes will also help you get a boost to your B12 levels even if you are partial to a vegetarian and vegan diets.
B12 Rich French Toast Recipe:
  • 1 to 2 Whole Beaten Eggs
  • Instead of refined bread: Whole wheat 7+ grain bread – somewhat stale
  • instead of regular milk:  milk mixed with a bit of kefir, creme fresh, soured cream or even cultured yoghurt
  • a tiny pinch of salt
  • and sugar to taste – these can be both sweet and savoury
Dunk the stale slice of bread in your cultured milk mixtured for a moment. Next placed the bread into the egg mixture. Place the bread on a cookie sheet with lightly greased bakers paper beneath it. Instead of frying the toast, grill/bake it under a high heat. When crispy and golden brown place them on  your plate and top with any number of items, from scrambled eggs or cheese (for some extra B12) to fresh fruit and berries.
Enjoy this healthy, fortified toast with servings of fresh fruit and plenty of hydration. Although it is difficult to establish meat-free sources of B12 in foods, it does not mean that  the vitamin  must come in a form of a supplements for individuals who cannot consume meat. Following articles will discuss further recipes which can be modified to serve as great sources of vitamins and minerals and especially B12.