Kids Health Videos on YouTube- PBS and Beyond: Nutrition

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Tired of nagging your kids about making healthier food choices? With child obesity on the rise, a growing number of kids suffer from diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol than ever before. Schools are trying to teach our kids to eat better (kudos to Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move program), but popular kids shows blast commercials whose only message seems to be:

Eat this (fill in the blanks) sugary snack!
Your friends will think you’re cool!
Awesome kids love our salty fried (fill-in-the-blanks)!

How are you supposed to teach them that eating vitamin-rich veggies, juicy fruit salads and low-fat chicken strips  is much cooler than stuffing your face with fluorescent French-fried cheesy snacks?

Fortunately, there are tons of entertaining health videos that appeal to kids of all ages, from retro educational cartoons from the 70’s (“You are what you Eat”), to modern PBS and Disney Channel characters your kids love, like Sesame Street, and they’re all available on YouTube, commercial-free.

Here are some great video pics that stand out from the rest, starting with two from Bill Nye the Science Guy:

Bill Nye the Science Guy – “It’s The Food Web”

This is a funny spoof of Snoop Dogg’s “What’s My Name”

Bill Nye the Science Guy – “Good Food”

Know anybody by the name of  Knute Trishan?

Sesame Street: Healthy Foods

Cookie Monster does the health food rap!

Sesame Street: Michelle Obama and Elmo – Healthy Habits

Read more about Let’s Move: Let’s Move: Michelle Obama Moving On Up the Wal-Mart Aisles

Toon Boom – VITAMIN B12!

Here’s a short yet funny example of why it’s important to take vitamin B12 supplements!

Read more about the symptoms of B12 deficiency: B12 Deficiency: Don’t Ignore the Symptoms

Put A Little Sunshine In Your Mouth

This one by award-winning James Coffey has a nice beat you can shake your hips to.

Sid the Science Kid-The Delicious Nutritious Band

This cute Jim Henson creation sings about healthy foods from all over the world!

Childhood Obesity Prevention: Be A Player, featuring Shrek and Donkey

Must see! Very entertaining clip from the Department of Health & Human Services and the Advertising Council.

Celebrate What’s On Your Plate!

Nona Hendryx and kids take it to the streets in this musical number about nutrition.

Cartoon Network – Eating Healthy,

This little gem features Wilt (Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends character) and NBA star, Steve Francis

Pirates of the Carrot & Bean Invade Breakfast

The pirate puppets arrive to make sure you eat a healthy breakfast.

Animal Crackers got milk? commercial

One of many hilarious Got Milk? commercials. Read more about milk and vitamin B12 here: Vitamin-Enriched Chocolate Milk Facing School Ban

Time for Timer- “You are what you Eat!”

Flashback to the 70’s with this nostalgic public service announcement featuring Timer!