Benefits of Vitamin B12

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Benefits of Vitamin B12:

Although the body needs only trace amounts of vitamin B12, it plays a significant role in performing some vital functions. For example, deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause health problems such as; numbness of the hands and feet, depression, hallucinations, insomnia, memory loss, dizziness, and poor balance. Vitamin B12 deficiency is also sometimes responsible for loss of appetite, constipation, digestive disorders, eye disorders, enlargement of the liver, inflammation of the tongue, labored breathing, and neurological damage. Anemia is one of the major diseases that are caused by a deficiency of vitamin B12. Everyone needs to be aware that proper intake of vitamin B12 can help prevent many health disorders and serious diseases.

A General Overview of Vitamin B12:

Vitamins are essential for overall health and well-being. Vitamins are required by the body in certain specific amounts for the proper functioning of various organs and glands. Vitamin B12 is an important member of the B vitamin family. One of the most active ingredients in vitamin B12 is cobalt, and therefore this vitamin is also known as Cobalamin. Vitamin B12 is found naturally in meat, eggs, soy, and diary products. Vitamin B12 is very important for the body because it is required for the synthesis of red blood cells, maintenance of the nervous system, and also growth and development in children. Deficiency of vitamin B12 causes anemia.