B12, Weight Loss and Energy Levels

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Currently a new hype is taking over the nutrition community, and it is all about whether B12 supplementation can help you lose weight. Some companies are already focusing on bringing B12 rich dietary formulas to their consumers, but can this vitamin truly help you lose weight? And if so, how would it work.

Healthy B12 levels are necessary for the proper functioning of the body, as has been previously discussed. It is absolutely necessary in the formation of new tissues and protecting the DNA, but it also may have some influence on one’s overall metabolism rates. Especially if the individual is experiencing general issues with absorption in the stomach, as is common with B12 deficiency.

Lack of all the needed vitamins and minerals will cause the system to slow down when it comes to metabolism. This is the body’s way of assuring its own survival, as the malabsorption of nutrients is interpreted by the system as starvation (which by most definitions is accurate), and while slowing down the living processes may make one feel ill, it does keep the body from extreme further damage.

Once properly supplemented though this vital nutrient allows the body to operate more effectively and efficiently, which in the long run results in weight loss and improvement of overall health. Vitamin B12 is also an energy booster, and in properly administered amounts it results in the body having healthy, long-lasting energy.  This of course will not take off the pounds by itself, but the extra energy stores replacing the feeling of fatigue is often a great motivator to get up and move, resulting in weight loss.