B12 and Vegan Cheese Replacement

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nutritional-yeastFor many vegetarians and especially vegans finding food which can replace other foods nutritionally is still a fair feat. To locate food which tastes like something you had to give up due to your convictions is an even greater experience. However as the world begins to accommodate the lifestyle/dietary choices of all individuals more and more products become available which not only taste like the old times, but as well provide the proper nutritional value.


Nutritional Yeast is one of these wonderful food replacements. It is an inactive yeast which is said to have a strong nutty, pungent smell reminiscent of parmesan cheese. This item is used mostly by vegans as a cheese replacement when can be added to pasta, soups, and even popcorn for a great cheesy flavouring. However, this is just the surface benefits of this yeast.


Nutritional Yeast is a complex source of nutrition, and just happens to contain a full B-complex in its makeup and also happens to be a complete protein, bearing great nutritional value. It is low in fat and sodium and is extremely beneficial for the health of the GI tract and absorption. Currently most brands of nutritional yeast fortify the yeast product with vitamin B12 produced by special bacteria and then added to the mix. The resulting product becomes not just a cheese substitute in flavour, but one in function, as it provides the much needed nutrients normally found only in animal products.